Technology has drastically changed our lives from ancient to modern, which is a blessing for us. It incorporates each area like training, business, wellbeing, economy, administration, and other things considered, absolutely impossible to disregard it. Its uses are very much easier who are familiar with tech but harder for the reverse. It has also developed incredibly daily and is fascinated by its adorable features. Our forefathers never thought about today’s science and tech, and we also don’t know how the future world will be. However, it can without much of a stretch say that innovation will go far away considerably more than our creative mind.

  • After the innovation of the wheel it each second is said the excursion of technology. Yet, the principal time of innovation has begun in the wake of imagining power, electricity, and mechanical upset have begun. These are called the golden age of technology. After the second half of the twentieth century, the term technology has become very familiar. Someone may think that technology comprises the only computer, rather involves everything like hardware, software, computer, maintenance, development, processing, and distribution of information. The term information technology has arrived after the invention of the computer. And we have reached another milestone after the invention of the internet. Since it’s impossible to think of a single moment without the internet, it is used at every pace. (Pros and Cons of Technology)
  1. Nowadays artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology, quantum physics, semiconductor, etc. shown us a new chapter in the technology era, that’s one of the best inventions. Deaf, blind, and other physically disabled persons can continue their natural lives only due to the advancement of technology. 5G technology will change the world more away. We now can know the circumstance of Mars, the Moon, others planets, the presence of others species on there, and to think to live on Mars, since we can screen the entire world effectively by satellite simply because of the improvement of innovation. Anyone can without much of a stretch do finance ascend, for somebody utilizing the present social destinations and getting out any news so rapidly over the web that’s help the proprietor in a crisis. Anyone can book tickets by bus, train, an airplane from his home ignoring standing on a huge line. That saves energy and time as well. 
  2. Technology has improved the relationship between teachers & students also. Teachers always want to develop hidden talent and performance of the students, and technology help in the way. Innovation gives simple all-day, everyday admittance to information, the best approach to rehearse the learned things, and that eventually speeds up the schooling in an easy and fun manner that investigates their abilities to adapt to the genuine harder world. And this learning is more effective than only memorizing. Students can get ideas about their future lives, co-curriculum activities, huge ideas, etc. on the internet, even there are few items left on the internet today. They get any solutions over there and YouTube provides video also. So we can say that education is now easier than before, anyone can grab anything from the internet since the internet has no wall rather infinity access to information. Even anyone can learn thyself from the internet without an instructor. (Pros and Cons of Technology)
  • Then the term digital technology has reached that includes laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. whose revolutionized every aspect of us and came to the world closer. Any information can be transfer to anywhere with lighter, smaller, faster, and in versatile ways within a short time with more efficiently.  It has increased the growth and development of humans themselves, economies of the world into a new era. Somebody can undoubtedly proceed with his work sitting from distance might be from his home at that point, it is more adaptable for his family too. He can invest energy with his family as works for the workplace, which likewise builds representatives’ efficiency. (Pros and Cons of Technology)
  1. Sources of entertainment are also in huge amount, where people can access anytime. That keeps people entertaining and reduces their stress and depression. In the prior days individuals used to peruse all data like value, legitimacy, fixings, creation subtleties, and so forth from the item’s body. But now they can know everything just by scanning a QR or Barcode while paying the bills of products, sellers also use this. This technology helps them out from any cheating or other confusion and people also feel comfortable since it saves time, energy, and stress.
  2. But it’s getting more risker in the technology era with its development as well. Peoples are now always in stress taking crime, data security, complexity, privacy, plagiarism, hacking, etc. It has spoiled the relationship amongst people, everything has converted into a virtual world. They can’t come at physical contact to any relations. Suppose someone got sick, then now people just go through a phone only instead of going and take care of, they are keeping eyes on digital devices instead of talking or conversation amongst friends while meeting for a while. They don’t know how to behave with seniors, respect them, live, and interact in a society with everyone. This just spoiled humanity, closeness, unity also increases depression, anxiety, stress, antisocial activists among them. They priorities digital devices than human and feel better being disconnected and isolated. Excessive use of today’s digital devices definitely will hamper them adding laziness, obesity, and eye problem, etc. due to lack of physical activities and exercises that are a disastrous impact on the new generation
  3. Digital devices like computers, robots, drones have replaced humans, that’s why people are losing their jobs and getting unemployment facing a tough situation with their families. Because this device can do the same work in the shortest time, highest accuracy and efficiency. Scientists predict that almost 20 billion jobs will replace by robots around 2030. Car drivers are also losing jobs due to the invention of the Tesla car.(Pros and Cons of Technology)
  4. Society is getting more impersonal since people are now doing shopping, banking, paying bills, working online. This is not happy news at all rather one of the shocking news for us. But sometimes people have to work all day long, suppose one person has to check & reply around 100 emails per day associated with his others works. So, it may overload sometimes, and he may physically & mentally weak after a week.(Pros and Cons of Technology)
  5. Another thing that, the earth is now also ground dependent such airports, hospitals, power stations, railway system, mill-factories, offices all are grown stand. Humans would be unaided if technology has downed somehow not only grown system applicable for sky dependent also. Earth ecosystem has also violating due to only for abuse of technologies. On account of harmful gas, toxic substances, and biodegradable materials are delivering from the earth, production lines that are hampering the ozone layer, threatening beams are going into the earth, and species are influencing by perilous sicknesses. The dumped of industries has thrown into rivers, also polluting water and risky for the human. Also, technology can be said, as dehumanizing since they don’t have any sense worked by the programs set on them. Thus, by any issue in a framework, they can get any harm even can slaughter individuals or other creatures. Technologies are using broadly in military applications also nowadays.
  6. Now, anyone can store ours information, pictures, movements posted on social media. Also, digital cameras like CCTV is a system that records our every movement, also hampers our privacy. So it’s so tough to keep our personal from being published and impossible at times. Assuming that one has lost his phone or laptop, then all data may be stolen, since all personal information like photos, contact information, text, videos, documents, and social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, everything stored and linked on generically.
  7. In some cases, it is seen that equivalent or somewhat various substances like sounds, recordings, or photographs are accessible on the web and it’s practically difficult to say which is a unique one since the unique substance is altered by some product so that nobody can get a handle on that. Although Copywrite and plagiarism rules still exist, no one cares about this. Sometimes it’s seen to hide their original identity and do antisocial works like trolling, bullying, stalking, threatening, and insulting others. We often see uses of modern dangerous weapons among the countries in warfare like an atomic bombs, missiles, Fighter planes, nuclear weapons, etc. which is the biggest threat to human lives.
  • Each technology has been created just for easiness, for improvement, for serving of human being, but while this technology replaces human or be crucial or kill the human it’s a matter of sorrow. We can’t even think of a single moment without technology. Technology has kept us away from nature and converted us and our mind into machine dependable totally and kept us away to enjoy the beauty of nature. Guardians should always keep their children under control, should check their devices, teach their responsibilities, what should accept, what should avoid, such anything wrong is going or not, should be careful about children’s friends, their activists should always monitor what’s they’re doing, should also limit uses of social media. Should order them for playing, walking, running, climbing on trees, swimming, exercising to maintain a heavy health style.

Students should go through blended learning or hybrid learning, which is a combination of usual classrooms and online teaching with multimedia materials.

Anyone who wants to build their career in the IT industry should focus or learn about artificial intelligence, natural language, programming languages, IoT, networking, communications, nanotechnology, etc., and should always keep updated because it is changing at every moment.   

Almost everything has positive and negative effects, but we should choose the positive sides only and work on how to lessen bad effects as much as possible.